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Mount Allison Univeristy, Canada - The Right Choice

Founded in 1839, limiting itself to offering Bachelors degrees in Science, Arts, Commerce, Music and Fine Arts, with only 2100 students, and an average class size of 18, Mt Allison has remained true to its objective of providing undistracted focus on undergraduate students in a personal and individualized way.

Ranked #1 in Canada by Macleans magazine! Mount Allison has been consistently ranked as one of the top two undergraduate universities in Canada for 17 consecutive years a record of achievement unmatched by any other university in Canada. We also received top rankings in the 2007 Globe & Mail University Report Card and
The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

In addition, Mt Allison has been ranked first among all Canadian universities in graduate satisfaction. Contrary to some opinions, the best undergraduate education is provided by small universities that focus on that specialisation and not by big universities with reputations built on research and doctoral programmes. With 45 countries represented on campus and a warmly welcoming approach to international students, Mt Allison is situated in a safe, very friendly and essentially crime free area of Canada.

Mount Allison is just the right size to let you be yourself and become what you want to become. Professors focus on you and really let you get involved through research, seminars, conferences, one-on-one contact, and teaching assistantships.

Over 93 per cent of graduating students in 2004 rated the teaching ability of their professors as "good" or "excellent" and felt their professors were approachable for individual help.

The most generous undergraduate scholarship program, per capita, of all Atlantic Universities.

MTA attracts and groows well-rounded leaders. With 48 to date, it has  the greatest number of Rhodes scholars per capita of any Canadian university. More than 40 per cent of the students have jobs on campus.

MTA provides opportunities for international study abroad in places like China, Madrid, Germany, and France, supported by a growing International Relations program.

 MTA has the first completely wireless campus in Atlantic Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have straight As to get in. MTA prefers to look at the whole person.

There's something for everyone at Mount Allison. In addition to the excellent academic programs, it has over 140 student clubs and groups, 11 varsity sports teams, and one of the strongest intramural programs in Canada. We also have a unique program designed to develop leadership skills, a great independent student newspaper, a student council that is directly involved in governance, and cultural events galore.

Residence accommodations in one of its unique facilities are guaranteed to every new student. All rooms have wireless high speed Internet access and basic telephone and cable services. Over 50 per cent of our student body lives on campus and, in a recent survey, over 96 per cent of students said they would recommend residence life at Mount A.

There are also many opportunities for student employment at Mount A. More than 40 per cent of our students currently have jobs on campus and many more work off campus.

MTA offers Bachelor's degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, and Music.

'Real-life' education and experience are waiting for you at Mount A. Become part of the tradition of independence that allows you to open a business, conduct high-tech research, be inspired by renowned speakers, and engage in global affairs - all before you graduate.

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