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BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communication)

Course code: WD137
What is is Visual Communication?

Visual Communication is often referred to as graphic design and it embraces symbols, type and images that appear in the commercial public domain.

Graphic designers work across a wide variety of print and screen disciplines and the end result is normally a creative output in 2D format. The area has expanded rapidly with the arrival of new technology and this has expanded the problem solving design principals of traditional design practise.
What is the BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communication)?
This is an exciting four-year degree programme, which prepares students for employment in the advertising and design arena. Course modules are listed below.
The programme reflects academic and creative input, which is required for the dynamic nature of commercial graphic design. The degree has been designed to be innovative, consisting of studio practice, design history, marketing, legal and visual culture. The practice-based elements of the programme include graphic design/typography in print and screen, together with printmaking, digital media, photography and illustration.

Career Opportunities :Graduates of the BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communication) find work in the following areas:

Advertising Agencies
Design Consultancies
Photography & Digital Media
Screen & Web Design
Public Relations & Marketing
Printing & Digital Output
Publishing & Editorial Design
Photo & Image Libraries

Special Feature of the Programme : The primary learning curve is to develop strong creativity that will result in building confidence through experimentation. Other special features include legal aspects and entrepreneurial development.

Follow on Study : Graduates can proceed to postgraduate Higher Diploma in Art & Design in Education and to Masters Research.

BA (Hons) in Visual Art

Course code: WD152
What is the Art ?

The concept of visual art is very broad. For example, it can refer to a skillfully crafted object or an inspired visual statement. What we can say is that visual art plays a crucially important role in our lives, enhancing them in various ways.

What is the BA (Hons) in Visual Art ?

The new ab initio four-years Honours Degree in Visual Art at Waterford IT has been informed by the latest developments in art theory and practice. These include, the use of inter and multi disciplinary approaches, availing of the creative opportunities inherent in new media and the development of a comprehensive understanding of contemporary critical theory. At the same time, the programme recognises the continuing significance of more traditional art forms, such as drawing and painting, and these are incorporated into the programme.

The programme is structured on the basis of a modularised four-stage degree, starting with the inculcation of core skills. These are then extended through a number of thematic projects, through which practical ability is augmented and strengthened by the development of critical theory. Finally, each student brings his/her cumulative learning to bear on the accomplishment of a personal artistic project.

Career opportunities Professional Artists
Community Artists
Audio visual Producers
Computer Animators
Theatre Designers

Follow on Study
MA in Art by Research


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