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BA (Hons) in Business Management with Law
Course code: WD079
What is the BA (Hons) in Business Management with Law course?

This is a three year course, which prepares students for employment in the corporate administration sector. It involves studying business management, finance and law. Graduates frequently work in senior management positions as chief legal officers in companies, and as advisors to companies on legal, regulatory, and financial matters. Demand for graduates of this course is continually on the increase

BA in Legal Studies (International Trade)
Course code: WD033
What is the BA in Legal Studies in International trade course?

This is a one-year add-on course following on from a Higher Certificate in Legal or Business Studies or an equivalent minimum qualification. It is designed for those seeking to work in areas related to international trade, namely, export/import administration, marketing and financing, international carriage and insurance of goods.

Career Opportunities :
Graduates may find employment as operations and administration staff in:
Shipping companies
Freight forwarding
Insurance companies
Transport operator

Follow on Study :
BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business
BA (Hons) in Legal & Business Studies

Course code: WD035
Hospitality Placement

In year 2 of the course, students are required to complete a placement organised by the college in a hospitality organisation in Ireland or abroad. Students are actively involved in the decision-making process in order that their choice of work experience is appropriate to their career aspirations and interests. This placement allows students to gain real experience of working in a hospitality business. Many students have found a career during hospitality placement. Past companies who have been involved in the placements include: Four Seasons, Hilton, Westin, Mount Juliet Conrad, Park Hotel
What is the BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business course?

The BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business is a one-year add-on degree course which follows on from the BA in Legal Studies in International Trade, the BA in Legal Studies, or equivalent.
Special Feature of the Programme : The interdisciplinary nature of this course caters for students who are considering entering the employment market and who are attracted not only to the possibility of a career in the legal sector but also to a career in the business sector. The mix of law and business modules offered on this programme expands the range of careers that are available to graduates once they have completed the course.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business have found work in the following areas:
Legal Sector
Commercial Sector
Financial Sector
Teaching in secondary schools after gaining a recognised Higher Diploma in Education
Insurance Sector
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