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BSc in Software Systems Development
Course code: WD151
What is Software Systems Development ?

Software Systems Development is about the design and development of computer systems and the application of technology for all sectors of industry, particularly the business sector.

What is the BSc in Software Systems Development course?
The BSc in Software Systems Development is a three-year ordinary degree course.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of the B. Sc in Software Systems Development may find employment in the following positions:
Analyst/Software Business
Database Administrator
IT Consultant
Software Engineer / Developer
Software Trainer
Web Developer

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BSc (Hons) in Software Systems Development
BSc (Hons) in Information Technology


BSc (Hons) in Software Systems Development
Course code: WD068
What is the BSc (Hons) in Software Systems Development course?

The BSc (Hons) in Software Systems Development is a one-year add-on honours degree for students who have successfully completed an ordinary degree in computing. The programme focuses on the need to address the Innovation, Design and Commercial demands of the Software Industry, SMEs and business start-ups. The programme will equip you with essential software design and development knowledge relevant to the realities of todays commercial software development industry.

Career Opportunities
Applications Programmer
Computer Sales Support
Database Administrator
Information Technology Consultant
Software Engineer
Software Trainer
Systems Designer
Systems Programmer

Past Graduates have found employment in the following companies:

Irish Life
Sun Life Financial
Garda Sochna
Acumen Recruitment
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BSc (Hons) in Information Technology
Course code: WD131
What is the BSc (Hons) in Information Technology course?

The BSc (Hons) in Information Technology is a one year add-on honours degree for students who have successfully completed an ordinary degree in computing. The focus of the course is to provide you with the necessary skills to work in Information Technology and make a contribution to the organisation that employs you. Career Opportunities The main career opportunities for graduates would be in the following areas:
Database Developer / Administrator
I.T. Consultant
Network Engineer
Security Consultant
Information Systems Manager
E-Business Provider

Past graduates have found employment providing computing facilities in the following areas:
Civil Service
Follow on Study Students who complete this course may avail of the taught or research masters programme (MSc) in the area. On completion of an MSc students will have the opportunity to pursue a PhD programme.


BSc in Computing in Information Technology
(Scholarship available for 2012)
Course code: WD155

Industrial Placement
Students will also take part in industrial placement.

What is Information Technology?
Information technology refers to all aspects of managing, processing and distributing information, especially within a large organisation or company using a large variety of computing applications.
What is the BSc in Information Technology Course?This 3-year degree programme in Information Technology provides students with the ability to contribute to everyday life in our changing technological world. The programme specialises in providing students with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the IT industry including software development, deployment and systems integration and convergence. The programme has a high practical content allowing the student to gain as much experience as possible. Students will also take part in industrial placement. Students graduating from this programme can easily adapt to working in the IT industry. Career Opportunities Students who graduate from this course have found employment in a diverse set of areas such as; hardware and software installation and maintenance, network technician, software designers and developers, system security, quality control, information systems and database development and migration.
Graduates of the course will find work in the following areas:
Information systems development and integration
Software design and development
Technical support
Networking administration
Web development and administration

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BSc (Hons) in Information Technology


BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing
Course code: WD028

Work Placement
Students take part in a (paid) work placement for the fifth semester. This placement takes place in a software house or the IT department of a large company or industry. Companies such as AIB, Microsoft, Waterford Crystal have a long association with the placement of our students. Students have found this an invaluable experience.

What is Applied Computing?

Applied Computing is the application of classic and leading edge computing concepts and technologies to different, current problem areas. These concepts and technologies can be applied at the different levels of system development from project analysis and implementation to project management.

What is the BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing course?
It is a four-year course. Students are given a grounding in systems development and related theories. Later in the programme, students choose an area of their interest - Games Programming, Embedded Systems, Networks &, Systems & Information - and gain significant expertise in applying these fundamental techniques to their choice of area.
Career Opportunities
Information Systems Analyst
Project Manager
Systems Architect
Web Developer
Games Programmer
Automotive Software Designer
Database Administrator

Follow on Study
Research and taught masters and research based PhDs in the area of computing.

BSc in Multimedia Applications Development
Course code: WD153

What is Multimedia Applications Development?
Multimedia Applications Development is the creation of interactive multimedia systems, such as games, websites, e-learning software, mobile phone downloads, etc. These systems make extensive use of different media elements including text, graphics and images, audio, video, 2D and 3D animation. Systems are analysed and designed, and later implemented using authoring software.

What is the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development?
This is a three-year course, which prepares students for employment primarily in the software industry but also in the IT sector in general. Many graduates also find employment in the entertainment industry. The course addresses issues of professional importance to the multimedia developer, while continuing the development of the student in the core areas of multimedia and computing.

What will the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development enable you to do? Produce and integrate multimedia rich elements, such as images, sound, video and animations
Create complex interactive applications, through programming and/or scripting, particularly for the Web
Help people by allowing them to avail of the best technological solutions.
Career Opportunities
Job prospects in computing have never been better, so much so, that at the moment demand for computer graduates exceed supply. In a sector crying out for qualified graduates, you will have greater opportunities and potential income as well as more freedom to choose your career path.
Graduates may find employment in the following areas:
Development of training products
Multimedia and software development
Web design and development
Multimedia applications support

Past graduates have found employment with the following companies: Multimedia Solutions, Achieve Website Design, Angel Design, Aer Lingus Airlines Systems, AOL, Aura Internet Services Ltd., Aura Internet Services Ltd, HSE Board, Dell and Sun Life, Achieve Website Design
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BSc (Hons) in Commercial Software Development
BSc (Hons) in Information Technology


BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Applications Development
Course code: WD165

What is the BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Applications Development?
This is a one-year add-on course. It aims to provide graduates of BSc, Level 7 degrees, within the multimedia discipline, with the opportunity to progress to honours degree level.
The overall objective of this course is to develop multimedia professionals equipped with knowledge, skills and practical experience within the domains of technology, creativity and enterprise. With a strong focus on the creative aspects, there is a range of elective modules that students can choose from. These include Graphic Design, Animation, Photography and Video, Games Development, and Design for Learning. Students are encouraged to choose their own route, allowing them to specialise in the area of most interest to them.

What career will I have?
There is an increasing demand for IT professionals with the skills required to drive and support the digital media industry within Ireland. This is an industry recognised as being an important growth sector for the countrys economic development. Graduates should be well equipped to participate within a diverse range of industries, including that of digital media. The products and services typically provided by the digital media industry include:
Web Development
Wireless Services
Games Development
Digital Film/TV
Animation/Special Effects
Digital Radio

What areas could I expect to work in?
Software Development
Content Authoring
Media Authoring and Design
IT and Systems Support
Sales and Marketing
Follow on Study Students who successfully complete the BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Applications Development may avail of a range of taught and research masters programmes (MSc). It is an aim of the course to provide students with the skills and competencies necessary to progress to postgraduate level study.


BSc (Hons) in Physics with Computing

Course code: WD132

Company Placement
Students take part in industrial work placement for the sixth semester. This allows them to gain practical experience of the physics and computing disciplines within an organisation and to develop a range of professional skills.

What is Physics with Computing?
Physics is the study of the fundamental laws of nature that govern the behaviour of the universe. Computers are used extensively by physicists in the solution of both practical and theoretical problems and in the development of new technologies.

What is the BSc (Hons) in Physics with Computing course?
This is a four-year degree course, which will provide students with the knowledge, skills and expertise to work in a range of industry sectors. The first four semesters introduce the student to the broad areas of physics, computing, and mathematics. Later in the course, students will specialise in physics in the areas of photonic/ optical systems and semiconductor/solid state devices, while the computing element allows students to acquire strong programming and software development skills. Students can choose from one of three areas in computing from semesters 4-8: communications and networking, games development and embedded systems.

Career Opportunities
The combination of physics with computing provides graduates with skills much sought after by both industry and research in a range of sectors including:
Medical Physics
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Advanced Manufacturing
Computer Games Development
Biomedical Devices
Information & Communications Technology
Software Development
Research Centres - national and international
Physics and Computing Environment at WIT

Future graduates of this course will attain the fundamental knowledge and skills required to work within the career areas indicated above. The research environment within physics and computing at WIT will particularly enhance this.
Lecturing staff on the course have a broad range of active ongoing research, with a number of national and international university and industrial partners. Undergraduate students will have a significant interaction with this research, particularly during the fourth-year undergraduate research project, for which each student will work within an active WIT research group. Current relevant research areas include photonics and laser physics, telecommunications, computational physics, semiconductor physics, spectroscopy and microscopy in materials science, software development, Internet technologies, mobile networks and computer security. Follow on Study
Masters & PhD by research
Taught MSc in Computing (Communications Software)


BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics

Course code: WD161

What is the BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics?
This is the first year of BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics. It will be a three year honours degree programme equipping graduates with specialised skills and knowledge needed to examine electronic crime scenes.
Just as a murder scene needs to be secured so too do electronic crime scenes. There are particular ways of securing evidence and students learn how to do this. Electronic crime scenes often involve child pornography, blackmail, financial fraud and data theft. Criminal prosecutors have used computer forensic evidence to form the backbone in murder cases and robberies through the use of technologies such as mobile phone forensics.
Computer forensics is application of the scientific method to digital media in order to establish factual information for judicial review. This process often involves investigating computer systems to determine whether they are or have been used for illegal or unauthorised activities.

Career Opportunities The domain of computer security and forensics is growing and has become more essential than ever before. Virtually all organisations now need and use internet technologies (email, the web, ecommerce) in their daily business.
With this growth comes the need to protect sensitive data such as customers personal details and credit card information, confidential files and internal documents. Many companies employ full time security personnel to fulfil these roles, whilst other organisations outsource them to external firms.
Insurance companies, corporations, civil litigations, individuals and law enforcement all can and do make use of evidence revealed by computer forensic specialists.

What area could I expect to work in?
Security Consultancy
Investigation Consultancy
Law Enforcement
Forensic Auditing

Follow on Study
Students who complete the BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics students may avail of a taught or research masters programme (MSc) in the area. On completion of an MSc students will have the opportunity to pursue a PhD Programme.


BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science

Course code: WD147
A six-month work placement is included in the third year of the programme. The course also provides graduates with a range of transferable skills so that graduates are qualified for a wide range of science-based industries.

What is Pharmaceutical Science?

The Pharmaceutical industry makes a vital contribution to society through the development and production of drugs such as antibiotics for infectious diseases, cancer treatment drugs and antiviral drugs for HIV. The pharmaceutical sector plays a vital role in Irelands economy with over 150 pharmaceutical companies, including 13 of the worlds top 15. There is a strong demand for graduates qualified in pharmaceutical science and employment prospects are excellent.

What is the BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science?
This is a new four-year honours degree aimed at producing graduates of the pharmaceutical industry. Students will be exposed to a broad range of subjects and laboratory instrumentation relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. A six-month work placement is included in the third year of the programme. The course also provides graduates with a range of transferable skills so that graduates are qualified for a wide range of science-based industries. Career Opportunities A degree in pharmaceutical science will provide graduates with skills that are much sought after in a range of sectors including:

Pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industries
Quality control & quality assurance
Laboratory analysis
Research & development
Education and teaching
Food & drinks industry

Follow on Study MSc and PhD by research.
WIT lecturing staff, teaching on this programme, are actively involved in a range of highly successful and well-funded research work related to pharmaceutical science. Collaborators include national and international universities and research institutes and industrial partners from the pharmaceutical sector both in Ireland and abroad. Current research areas includes; development of novel polymers for therapeutic drug delivery biomedical research in eye treatment, novel analytical methods for pharmaceutical products, sensing devices for environmental analysis, biotechnology for drug synthesis and bioremediation.

BSc in Food Science with Business
Course code: WD164
What is the BSc in Food Science with Business?

This is a new degree programme designed by WIT staff in conjunction with food industry professionals due to a demand for suitably qualified graduates. The main aim of the programme is to develop a graduate with the knowledge and skills to competently work in the various sectors of the industry i.e. meat, dairy, grain, bread, sugar and drinks. The programme will equip graduates with expertise in food safety management, modern food processing methods, regulatory affairs, epidemiology and food business. Professional development of the person is a key feature of the programme. This will be achieved by the study of appropriate modules and by a period of work placement in the food industry.

Career Opportunities Recent studies have highlighted the need for a proper interface between third level colleges and the food industry that would enhance graduate employment prospects. It is envisaged that graduates would enter such areas as production, processing, quality assurance, food analysis and product development as supervisor / manager.


BSc in Biotechnology

Course code: WD030
What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology involves the use of living organisms (mostly microbes) to produce useful products. It includes traditional processes like brewing, cheesemaking and modern developments such as genetic engineering which can lead to new drugs against cancer and other diseases.
What is the BSc in Biotechnology course? The BSc in Biotechnology is a one-year add-on degree. Applicants for the course will have completed a Higher Certificate in Science in Applied Biology or equivalent. Career Opportunities Graduates are qualified to work in a variety of positions in laboratories such as:

Environmental analysis
Quality assurance
Ivax, Microchem and Glanbia among other industries have employed graduates of this course. Follow on Study
BSc (Hons) in Biology with Quality Management
Postgraduate studies to Masters or Doctorate (PhD) level

Higher Certificate in Science in Applied Biology or Pharmaceutical Science

Course code: WD008

What is the Higher Certificate in Science Course?
Science is essentially the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Science is a method of learning about the physical universe through observations, proposing hypotheses to explain those observations, and testing those hypotheses in valid and reliable ways.
The Higher Certificate in Science is a two year full-time course aimed at providing students with scientific skills, theoretical and practical, to work as technicians in areas such as the pharmaceutical, food, and environmental sectors.

Career Opportunities Students who complete this course are employed in the food, pharmaceutical, and environmental sectors.
Graduates have found employment in companies such as, Dawn Meats, Genzyme, IVAX, Merck Sharpe and Dohme Ltd and Guinness.
Higher certificate graduates who have continued their studies to degree level and beyond now work as teachers at primary, secondary and third level.

Follow on Study
BSc in Biotechnology from Applied Biology option
BSc in Applied Chemistry from Pharmaceutical Science option

Industry Links
Field trips to industries and local authority facilities are integrated into the course programme. As part of the industrial support for this course a number of prizes acknowledging academic excellence are sponsored by Reagecon and Merck Sharpe and Dohme Ltd.

BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry
Course code: WD042
BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology
Course code: WD055


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