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What AWE does for you?

Screening of the students

Determining your eligibility for studying abroad in terms of,

English Language capabilities
Financial status
Evaluation of base qualifications.

Selection of the course and the institute.

Selecting the semester
Selecting the 'right' course
Selecting the 'right' universities

Help with fulfilling admission requirements

Guidance in arranging transcripts.
Help and guidance for preparation of TOEFL/IELTS

The Actual Application Process

(Filling out the application form and help in the process of collecting the documents that go along with the form)
Academic Documents

Recommendation Letters
Affidavit of Support
Bank Statement
IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT score reports

Organizing finance

Organizing funds and accommodation
This includes guidance to students for obtaining bank loans and loans from Indian trusts.

Visa Preparation

Latest Trends
Interview Preparation

Travel Assistance and pre departure briefing:

We try to get the best deal for tickets to Canada for our students.

We provide you with vital information about living in Canada and Ireland in general and about your study destinations in particular.

Air Port pick up and settlement.

Our provide help continues even after you have landed by way of co coordinating with the institutes for an airport pick up and travel to the institute till you are finally settled at the institute.

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