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Ireland - The Gold Standard for Undergraduate Education.

The Republic of Ireland of Ireland as it is popularly called has to be one of the best countries for undergraduate education in the western world. Especially if you are interested in science , technology, engineering and hospitality education. This is because of many factors, some of which are :

Safety: The first factor that you need to consider when you send your child of a young age abroad is the personal safety of the child. Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe . Lonely Planet Organization declared Ireland to be the friendliest country in the world in 2009.

Quality of Instruction: The Irish public education system made up of Institutes of technology and the Universities is second to none in the world. The quality of teaching and infrastructure is totally world class .All of these institutions receive huge grants from the Irish government, international corporations and the European Union for research and development. The class sizes at most institutions too are small enough for meaningful and personal interaction between students and professors.

Double the value at half the price: The cost of studies: The most important factor for a lot of people for studies abroad especially for a long bachelors course ranging from 3 to 5 years can be the cost of studies. Irish institutions win hands down as far as the cost is concerned. A bachelors course can start at a top 10 institution for as little as Euro 8500 ( INR 5,10,000) per year. Compare this for a similar ranked U.K. university where the fees would start at Pound 14950 /- or INR 10,46500 per year.

Scholarships: Most of the top 10 universities have attractive scholarship programs for international students based on merit and sometimes on need. These range from 25% to full scholarships for the exceptionally gifted student. In terms of the value in rupees these would range from 300,000 to 30,00,000.

Opportunity to work : A good number of universities offer the students internship opportunities during their bachelors in Science, Engineering, Business and hospitality. For example the Shannon College of Hotel management the number one college in Ireland has a paid work placement of 21 months in a four year honors degree program. Students can also work for 20 hours during the course term and full time for 40 hours during holidays.

Employment opportunities: Ireland offers a guaranteed work permit for 6 months to international students to look for a job. The pay rates in Ireland are among the highest in Europe and a recent graduate of a top college could start at Euro 30,000 per year .Considering that the annual expense for a single person is about 7000 that means a potential saving of Euro 23,000 in the very fort year. Employers from not just Ireland but from all over Europe and even the USA recruit from Irish Campuses.

Green Card: Not many people are aware that it is possible to have a lung term green card in Ireland to stay and work after the studies.

Post Graduate Opportunities: Graduates of Irish institutions are permitted to pay the home rate of fees for the PG/Masters courses and that mean a reduction of fees of up to 50% for a masters course.

Mild weather, natural beauty and exciting social life: And last but the not the least Ireland enjoys a mild weather year round and does not freeze over in the winters. The Irish landscape and history is as green and beautiful as it is interesting.

What some students and parents have to say:
I decided upon Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland as a destination for my sons B.E. after discussions with Ms.Rekha of AWE and other parents . I am delighted that my Son Pushkar is now studying there with a partial scholarship and is very happy with the quality of the course work and the facilities. I talk to him almost everyday and he tells me that he has no doubt that his future after graduation is secure .All this at less than half the cost of a top U.K or US university.-
Mr.Akhil Nigam father of Pushkar a student of B.E .(Hons) Electronic Engineering at WIT.

I came to Ireland after already having studied and worked in Singapore. I am so glad that I discovered Shannon College of Hotel Management . The course here is intense but the faculty and facilities are top notch and I know that after the 21 months of paid internship my future as a manager in the worlds top organizations is guaranteed. I am loving Ireland-
Ahsan Shiraz Shamsi who joined the Shannon College of Hotel Management for his BBS ( Hons) with Specialization in International Hotel Management.

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