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Plan My Study :: Money Matters

We know that money matters. Literally! An education abroad can seem an expensive option, especially at the undergraduate level. However ,just as when you go abroad and don’t convert every time you buy a coffee or a burger you can not compare the benefits and the quality of an education abroad at some of the worlds top institutes with the majority of Indian institutions. The quality of instruction, state of the art lab equipment ,vast variety of research and journals , personal mentorship and small class sizes make up an education experience that is hard to match even by the top Indian institutes, let alone the B and C category ones. Once you are out of the institute and ready to jump into the job market the opportunities that you get in Europe and Canada are huge and amazing in terms of the companies that recruit and the International exposure to global work culture.
Coming back to money ::
Coming back to money. Let us now tell you how the education abroad is not as expensive as it seems. There are several opportunities for your child to recover the cost of education by way of
Work placements as part of the course.
Research assistantships
Part Time work

A Case Study

Let us take the example of an engineering student at WIT studying for a BE (Hons) Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.. The degree runs through 4 years and the fees per year is 7950. The living expenses per year are around 7000/- this takes the total expense per year to €15000/-
Assuming that the student has 65per cent plus marks and a score of 6plus in IELTS the scholarship amount if granted can be € 5850
The student spends one semester (6months) in paid placement which can earn up to € 6000
Over a period of three and a half years the student works full time during holidays and part time during work days. Let us average it out to part time work only. He is allowed to work 20 hours per weekend gets paid at the rate of € 8 per hour i.e. € 160 per week or € 640 per month. Thus he gets € 7680 per year or € 26880 in the three and half years.

Lets add up the three ::

Scholarship : 5850+ Work Placement: 6000+ Money from Part time work :26880 and the total is € 38730

Now let us calculate what you spent ::

15000x4 =60,000
Your Actual Expense over a period of four years 60000-38730= € 21270

Ie € 5317 or Rs 315526/- per year only.Rs 315526/- per year only.
We are confident that in today’s times even a middle class person can afford to spend this amount on a European Engineering /Science/Business degree that is second to none and offers huge international employment opportunities.

In fact you are likely to spend far more on your son’s education in India if you factor in the total cost of study including boarding lodging and incidental expense.

Of course it is important to note that there are no guarantees about the scholarships and while the part time work and placements are available it all depends upon the caliber and the willingness of the student. The amounts mentioned above are approximate and subject to variations depending on the prevailing exchange rates and fees.

But what happens after the degree?

Now comes the best part. Your son or daughter armed with a honors degree ( from Ireland or Canada as the case may be) is free to seek employment in Ireland and Canada as per current rules for a period of up to two years. The employers are free to offer jobs to your children without a labour market check as long as the jobs are relevant to the degrees. Our student for example is likely to start his career with a minimum of E 4000 per month or Rs.2, 33,000 per month. This with globally renowned international companies.

Why let your child go through the trauma and frustration of multiple entrance exams and unreal cut offs? Go for a top course at a top institution and see your child’s career blossom.

Lets leave the money aside and concentrate on the quality?
The courses offered by the partners of AWE are recognized globally for their quality the institutes are top ranking institutes within their own counties. For example Mount Allison is rated as the No.1 undergraduate university in Canada, Waterford Institute of Technology is among the top 10 in Ireland and No.1 in student employment in Ireland. Algonquin college is one of the largest colleges in Canada and is top ranked for student satisfaction and employment.
As mentioned the physical facilities by way of libraries, journals, state of the art equipment , air conditioned accommodation ,excellent eating options, student clubs and associations, and recreation are unsurpassed . The international feel of studying with students of more than 40 nationalities is also unique.

One last argument in favour of an education abroad . Go while the rupee is still strong. Education abroad was never as inexpensive as it is now. Call us or meet us for more details and how to proceed further.

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