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What is a SOP?
SOP is the term given to the Statement Of purpose that is often required by the top universities and colleges for judging the students during the admission , and often, schlorship decision process. As the name implies it is a statement from the student declaring his motivation to study for the chosen course at the chosen destination. It also gives the student an opportunity to tell the institute about himself. Needless to say it ia very important document . The difference between selection and rejection may be a well written or a poorly crafted SOP.

What is an Academic Essay?
Academic essays are a little different from SOPs in as much as they relate to the students ability to understand and comprehend a particular issue or topic. The essay may relate to a topic related to the course wherein the student has to analyse the topic and write a logical essay on it.

How does AWE help?
AWE does not write the SOP for you. This is because not only is it unethical, a ghostwritten SOP or essay will not reflect your thoughts and will therefore be a bogus one. What we do is we ask you to write the SOP on your own and then give you suggestions to fine tune it. Our expert editors then refine the SOP and give it the shape that it should have for your application to be acceptable. This service is offered not only for our partner institutions but for any other university also that you would like to apply. In such cases ,of course, separate charges are payable.

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